We are genuinely concerned if your damage claim is valid and truthful. Rest assured that we will act quickly for proper resolution.

It is strongly encouraged that you use common sense when deciding whether or not it is worth the possibility of wasting your time by filing a claim.

Ask yourself… These 2 questions:

1. Can I prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Parking Control is responsible for the damage to my vehicle?

2. Can I prove that the damage did not exist before Parking Control towed my car?

Judge after Judge after Judge has made it very clear that the burden of proof is the responsibility of the vehicle owner to clearly show that the alleged damage was not pre-existing prior to tow.

If the answer is “no” do not proceed. If it is your intention to point at a flaw, blemish, scratch or abrasion and say “That wasn’t there”, don’t waste your time.

This is not our first rodeo and you are not the first nor the last person to claim damage.

To initiate a formal complaint submit the Damage Claim Form below. We will review, investigate and respond within 48 business hours. All claims lacking merit will be expedited to the recycling bin.


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    I am positive Parking Control did this to my vehicle.
    It is possible that this damaged occurred while not in Parking Control's care.
    I can prove Parking Control is responsible for these alleged damages.
    I have time and date stamped photo evidence of my vehicle taken immediately after being parked & prior to towing.
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      2 Types of Towing Companies:

      Those who damage cars.
      And those who lie about it.

      Rest assured if we are the responsible party we will do whatever it takes to repair your vehicle to as good as or better condition than before we towed it.

      We acknowledge that it is impossible to fulfill our obligations without the occasional damage. It is to be expected. However, what separates Parking Control is our willingness to listen, investigate, communicate. We are committed to doing what’s right. We believe in karma. And we will take the necessary steps to rectify any valid complaint.

      We know that your car is most likely the most expensive item you own and it means a lot to you. Well, it means a lot to us too. Our drivers are highly skilled professionals equipped with the latest tools and modern technology. We will take the best care of your vehicle until you are able to retrieve it.

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