Are these fees legitimate?
Yes.  The fees are set, monitored and enforced by the governing body.

How much does the fee increase every day?
Daily storage fees increase at a rate of $20.00 per 24 hours or any portion of.

When do the fees go up?
Fees increase after the initial 24 hours and every 24 hour period to follow.

When can I pick my vehicle up?
Any time you like.  We are open and available 24/7 365 holidays included.

Are you open on federal holidays?
Yes, we are.  We may doze but we never close. C’mon down.

Do you accept checks?
No, we do not.

Do you accept check cards?
Yes.  Must have matching government issue photo ID.

Can you give me a discount?
No.  We do not currently offer a discount program of any type.

Do you accept credit cards?
Yes.  Must have a matching government-issued photo ID.

How do you sleep at night?
Just like you.  We are good people in an ugly industry.  Parking control is a thankless and necessary evil in today society.  And you shouldn’t be upset with us anyway… we didn’t park your car.

Common misconceptions:

My parking brake was on.
That does not matter.  Nonissue.  We are equipped with all of the latest, modern tools of the trade.

My car needs to be towed on a flatbed.
No, it doesn’t. We are equipped with all of the latest, modern tools of the trade.

My car is all wheel drive.
Not a problem.  We are equipped with all of the latest, modern tools of the trade.

I was only there for 5 minutes.
Irrelevant point.

I just went upstairs to get the pass.
Non-issue.  Irrelevant information.

I am a student.
Excellent!  The suggestion could be made that this inconvenience should be viewed as a valuable learning experience.

But I have been parking there for weeks.
The police can not catch every violation every day… and neither can we.

This is the 2nd time you guys have towed my car.
Wow.  That is terrible.

This is the 3rd time you guys have towed me.
Unfortunately, we are no longer offering our Frequently Towed Discount Card.

We are from out of town.
Excellent.  Welcome to Dallas.  Sorry, we had to meet like this.

It was a medical emergency.
Oh dear.  We are sorry to hear that.

Your driver just drove off on me with my car and I was standing right there.
This is a common practice.  This is the result of you either refusing to pay or our driver did not know you were present.

But we didn’t know.
Ignorance of the regulations is not our department.

No-one ever told us that.
That is terrible.  We suggest you take this up with “no-one”.

That is where they told us to park.
Not sure who “they” are but “they” are incorrect.  Perhaps you should take your issue up with “they”.

But there weren’t any guest spaces available.
And yet you parked anyway and wonder why your car is here.

I have permission to park there.
If that were the case you wouldn’t be reading this.

It was dark.
Happens every evening around dusk.

It was covered in leaves.
Guess you should have uncovered it.

It was covered in snow.
The suggestion could be made that you should have used common sense.

You cant tow my car because it has expired license plates.
You are not correct.

You have no right to tow my car.
Yes, we do.  We provide contracted parking control services for all types of privately held properties.

I’m going to call the Better Business Bureau on you guys.

I’m going to complain to the police.

I’m going to make a formal complaint to the Department of Consumer Affairs.
Sounds good.

I’m going to sue you.
Another idea to waste time and money.  No problem.  Please know that we have not lost 1 single court case in 20 years.  We know the law, have a top notch legal team, far more documentation and 100% win ratio.

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2508 Westwood Ave
Mesquite, Texas 75150